MR Collection Models new releases

Dear collectors, on this page you will find the complete list of our “in development” models with the code, the color and the expected release date.

You can also search models and re-order them by release date, brand, color, ecc.

To pre-order these models, please refer to your favorite local dealer (here’s the full list).

BUGATTIChironBUG06ERed Carbon / Glacier1:18Q4 2017
BUGATTIChironBUG06FTurquoise Carbon / Liquid Silver1:18Q4 2017
BUGATTIChironBUG06GBrown Carbon / Silk1:18Q4 2017
BUGATTIChironBUG06HBlue Carbon1:18Q4 2017
BUGATTIChironBUG06IBrown Carbon1:18Q4 2017
BUGATTIChiron ZERO - 400 - ZEROBUG06SERear wing up1:18Q1 2018
FERRARIFXX-K EvoFE0241:18Q1 2018
FERRARIGTC4 Lusso TFE022AGrigio Ferro Met. 7901:18TBD
FERRARIGTC4 Lusso TFE022BBianco Italia1:18TBD
FERRARIGTC4 Lusso TFE022CNew Rosso Corsa Met.1:18TBD
FERRARIGTC4 Lusso TFE022DBlu Tour de France1:18TBD
FERRARIGTC4 Lusso TFE022ENuovo Rosso Fuoco1:18TBD
FERRARIPortofinoFE023ARosso 70 Anni1:18Q4 2017
FERRARIPortofinoFE023BAlluminio Opaco1:18Q4 2017
FERRARIPortofinoFE023CGiallo Modena1:18Q4 2017
FERRARIPortofinoFE023DAzzurro California1:18Q4 2017
FERRARIPortofinoFE023ERosso Corsa1:18Q4 2017
FERRARIPortofinoFE023FBianco Avus with Nero DS Roof1:18Q4 2017
FERRARIPortofinoFE023GRosso Scuderia with Nero DS Roof1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIAventador S “Ad Personam”LAMBO027SEGrigio Acheso with Orange Livery and Carbon Shiny Roof1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIAventador S RoadsterLAMBO031ABlu Aegir1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIAventador S RoadsterLAMBO031BBalloon White1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIAventador S RoadsterLAMBO031CRosso Mars1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIAventador S RoadsterLAMBO031DVerde Mantis1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIAventador S RoadsterLAMBO031ENew Giallo Orion1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIAventador S RoadsterLAMBO031FArancio Argos1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINICentenario RoadsterLAMBO025BNero Nemesis1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINICentenario RoadsterLAMBO025CVerde Mantis1:18Available
LAMBORGHINICentenario RoadsterLAMBO025DRosso Mars1:18Available
LAMBORGHINICentenario RoadsterLAMBO025EBianco Canopus1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINICentenario RoadsterLAMBO025FFull Carbon Fibre1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIHuracan Aftermarket SpyderLAMBO029AGrigio Lynx1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIHuracan Aftermarket SpyderLAMBO029BBianco Monocerus1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIHuracan Aftermarket SpyderLAMBO029CRosso Mars1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIHuracan Aftermarket SpyderLAMBO029DVerde Mantis1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIHuracan Aftermarket SpyderLAMBO029ENero Nemesis1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIHuracan LP 580-2 SpyderLAMBO026AGiallo Tenerife1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIHuracan LP 580-2 SpyderLAMBO026BVerde Mantis1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIHuracan LP 580-2 SpyderLAMBO026CRosso Mars1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIHuracan LP 580-2 SpyderLAMBO026DBianco Canopus1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIHuracan LP 580-2 SpyderLAMBO026EBlu Cepheus1:18Q4 2017
LAMBORGHINIPerformante Ad-Personam Pebble Beach 2017LAMBO028SEVerde hydra1:18Q1 2018
LAMBORGHINIPerformante Ad-Personam Pebble Frankfurt 2017LAMBO028SE1Bicolor Matt Grey1:18Q1 2018
PAGANIHuayra RoadsterMR200ABlu Tricolore Carbon Fiber1:43Q4 2017
PAGANIHuayra RoadsterMR200BBlu Francia1:43Q4 2017
PAGANIHuayra RoadsterMR200CRosso Dubai1:43Q4 2017
PAGANIHuayra RoadsterMR200DVerde Firenze1:43Q4 2017
PAGANIHuayra RoadsterMR200EBronzo Chiaro1:43Q4 2017