MR Collection Models new releases

Dear collectors, on this page you will find the complete list of our “in development” models with the code, the color and the expected release date.

You can also search models and re-order them by release date, brand, color, ecc.

To pre-order these models, please refer to your favorite local dealer (here’s the full list).

BugattiCentodieci Pebble BeachBUG011White1:18TBD
BugattiChiron 110 AnsBUG08110110 Ans Livery1:18Q4 2019
BugattiChiron 300mph World RecordBUG012Launch Version1:18TBD
BugattiChiron Sky ViewBUG08BArgent1:18Q4 2019
BugattiChiron Sky ViewBUG08CGlacier White / Lake Blue Metallic1:18Q4 2019
BugattiChiron Sky ViewBUG08DNocturne / Red1:18Q4 2019
BugattiChiron Sky ViewBUG08ERed Carbon / Black1:18Q4 2019
BugattiChiron Sport wing upBUG07DGrey Carbon with Gris Rafale Frame1:18Q4 2019
BugattiChiron Sport wing upBUG07EGrey Carbon with Italian Red Frame1:18Q4 2019
BugattiDivoBUG09ASpecial Livery1:18Q4 2019
BugattiLa Voiture NoirBUG010Black1:18TBD
FerrariF8 TributoFE027ARed Geneva Motorshow 20191:18Q4 2019
FerrariF8 TributoFE027BBlue Geneva Motorshow 20191:18Q4 2019
FerrariF8 TributoFE027CGiallo Tristrato1:18Q4 2019
FerrariF8 TributoFE027DBianco Fuji1:18Q4 2019
FerrariF8 TributoFE027ERosso Corsa1:18Q4 2019
FerrariF8 TributoFE027FArgento Nurburgring1:18Q4 2019
FerrariF8 TributoFE027SERosso Fuoco Limited 25 pcs1:18Q4 2019
FerrariF8 TributoFE027SE1F1 2019 Red (Matt) Limited 25 pcs1:18Q4 2019
FerrariF8 TributoFE027SE2Nero Daytona Limited 25 pcs1:18Q4 2019
FerrariFXX-K EvoFE024B#27 Blu Tour de France with Silver Livery1:18Q4 2019
FerrariFXX-K EvoFE024C#44 Nero Daytona with Yellow Livery1:18Q4 2019
FerrariFXX-K EvoFE024D#61 Bianco Avus with Red Livery1:18Q4 2019
FerrariSF90 StradaleFE028ARosso Corsa / Nero DS 12501:18Q4 2019
FerrariSF90 StradaleFE028BGiallo Modena / Nero DS 12501:18Q4 2019
FerrariSF90 StradaleFE028CAssetto Fiorano1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniAventador SVJ RoadsterLAMBO039DRosso Bia1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniAventador SVJ RoadsterLAMBO039EGiallo Tenerife1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniAventador SVJ RoadsterLAMBO039FBlu Caelum1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniAventador SVJ RoadsterLAMBO039SEViola Pasifae1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniAventador SVJ RoadsterLAMBO039SE2Grigio Telesto1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniCentenario RoadsterLAMBO025EBianco Canopus1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniCentenario RoadsterLAMBO025FFull Carbon Fibre1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan EVOLAMBO038AArancio Xanto (Pearl)1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan EVOLAMBO038BGrigio Artis (Matt)1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan EVOLAMBO038CRosso Mars (Metallic)1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan EVOLAMBO038DBianco Icarus (Metallic)1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan EVOLAMBO038EVerde Mantis (Pearl)1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan EVOLAMBO038FGiallo Inti (Pearl)1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan EVOLAMBO038SEVerde Scandal (Solid) Limited 25 pcs1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan EVOLAMBO038SE2 Blu Aegeus (Matt) Limited 25 pcs1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan EVOLAMBO038SE3Viola Pasifae (Pearl) Limited 25 pcs1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan EVO GT LAMBO041Pebble Beach1:18TBD
LamborghiniHuracan EVO SpyderLAMBO037CBianco Canopus (matt)1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan EVO SpyderLAMBO037DBlu Aegeus (matt)1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan EVO SpyderLAMBO037SEGiallo Tenerife Limited 25 pcs1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan EVO SpyderLAMBO037SE2Viola Pasifae Limited 25 pcs1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan Performante SpyderLAMBO030FNero Helene (Metallic)1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniHuracan SterratoLAMBO040Pebble Beach1:18TBD
LamborghiniPerformante Ad-Personam Pebble Beach 2017LAMBO028SEVerde hydra1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniPerformante Ad-Personam Pebble Frankfurt 2017LAMBO028SE1Bicolor Matt Grey1:18Q4 2019
LamborghiniSianLAMBO042Launch Version1:18TBD
Pagani Huayra RoadsterMR200ABlu Tricolore Carbon Fiber1:43TBD
Pagani Huayra RoadsterMR200BBlu Francia1:43TBD
Pagani Huayra RoadsterMR200CRosso Dubai1:43TBD
Pagani Huayra RoadsterMR200DVerde Firenze1:43TBD
Pagani Huayra RoadsterMR200EBronzo Chiaro1:43TBD