Bugatti Chiron Sport Noire 1:18

Bugatti Chiron Sport Noire 1:18

Product Code: BUG08LN
Color: Matt Black Carbon Fiber
Availability: Future Production
Scale: 1:18

Limited Edition 99 pcs!


Homage to the Monaco driver Louis Chiron who caught his first victory with a Bugatti, Chiron will be a dream for those who will drive it, but also for those, the majority, who will admire it, even if only on the desk.

Bugatti Official Product LogoThis is an Official Product and we are Official Supplier of Bugatti during the most important international car shows and World Premiere. We also made the 1:18 models of all the Bugatti Veyron realized since today: they are all show in Bugatti’s Wall in Molsheim.